LIONS MEMBERSHIP............................Could YOU be a Lion?


   Q. Are you an ordinary person who cares a little about others?
   Q. Do you have a little time to spare?
   Q. Is there a cause close to your heart?
   Q. Would you like to make a few more friends?

Did you answer YES to most of these questions?

EXCELLENT !!!   Contact us by phoning 01489 584718

or through the 'Contact Us'  button at the top of this page.

We welcome your enquiry, and will give you direct and honest  information on what Lions commitment means.


 We are keen to talk to people who would like to serve the community through Lions membership. We desperately need new members, to enable us to continue to provide the service we have provided to the community since 1976.
Have a look at our NEWS page and the Calendar of Events. Helping out at our events is an excellent way of understanding how we help in the community, and of course have a great deal of fun in the process!!!

Registered Charity No. 1177500